If you are a music enthusiast, its pretty obvious that you often had the gimmick to buy a musical instrument. Probably a violin if you enjoy playing classical music or possibly a beginner electric guitar if you are into alternative rock. Well, if you have bought that or you are in a plan of doing so, congratulations! You are increasing the chances to live a healthier life.

It brings both physical and mental assistance to a particular entity. Although through most researches, mental health benefits have been more exclusively glorified.

Physical Benefits:
There are a lot of musical instruments. One of the most popular one is guitar. Guitar seems to bring various physical benefits. Practicing guitar chords and scales more can help you to strengthen your wrists and hands. Stage performances can help you to lose weight, because of the frequent energetic bodily movement. Researches show, playing guitar can also help to improvise and sustain proper blood pressure.

Other instruments such as playing piano, violin etc can help an individual to develop accuracy. It helps to prevent nerves from being sore. Warning: Excessive practice with musical instruments like guitar can often cause harm to your wrists. So it’s better to limit your practice with an accurate goal so that you don’t end up harming yourself.

Mental Benefits:
Every time musicians pick up their instruments, on the outside they may look calm and focused, reading the music and making precise and practiced movements required. But inside their brains, there are fireworks going on. That’s to say, multiple areas of their brains light up at once, because of the spiritual strength of music.

A lot of people think, music is processed in the right hemisphere of the brain, along with art and other creative activities. However recent researches prove, music process mechanism is distributed throughout the brain. Here are some mental benefits of playing musical instrument

Pleasure: Often people say, music is like a drug. It is because, your brain releases dopamine whenever you listen to a mind easing song. Playing your favorite song by yourself with a musical instrument can help you to feel pleasure and happiness through the release of Dopamine.

Memory: Science tells us, people who devoted time for learning music instruments at young age, happened to have long-term memory. According to a research conducted by University of Montreal, musicians tend to be more mentally alert. Even some people who have gone through brain damage and cannot read newspaper can still read music. This shows how connected music is with our brain nerves and how effective it can be for our mental well-being.

Depression and Sadness: Often time we get frustrated with life, we start feeling hopeless and some strange emptiness engulfs us from nowhere. Music can help you to come out of it. If you are a musician, this is plausibly the perfect time to start composing music of your own, turning your sorrow into art.

Playing music instruments can help you to refresh your mind, to make you feel a little better than before. Also, it helps to cut the boringness that we often can’t opt out of. Studies suggest music can even lower our anxiety.

Learning Process: Researches show children who went through different music training strengthened their brain’s executive function. Brain’s executive function is very significant because it helps one to properly process information and thus help one to learn more. The Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University also suggests this by saying music and reading processes are related via common neural and cognitive mechanism.

Other: We can understand music has a huge coherence with brain function. So it is pretty obvious that to gain mental satisfaction music instruments can come very handy. Forming a band can help to create bonding between different members. It’s because music composition and performance are only going to be prosperous if the orchestra is properly synced. Also musicians can process multiple things at once. So, there are plenty of advantages of being a musician. Conclusion: Music is sacred. To derive the majestic beauty of it, a lot of musicians try heart and soul. If you want to pursue music, I know it’s going to be a very tough road ahead. But I hope my article can at least assure you that you are doing something really beneficial for your health.